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What we Provide?

Health Options & Management Services, Inc. provides professional health and disability management services for insurance carriers and administrators, self-insureds, and third party administrators (TPAs). By applying account-specific, proven techniques of health and disability management, our nurses and rehabilitation professionals help our clients manage their work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses and thereby reduce their operating costs. In addition, each goal-directed service we provide incorporates our fundamental commitment to assist injured workers in their efforts to return to productive and independent lifestyles. Look to us for solutions to your health and disability management challenges.

What You Should Know About Workplace Injury and Illness?

  • The typical employer has about 10% of their employees off from work at any given time because of injury and/or illness.
  • Annual disability costs for the typical employer are about 8% of their total payroll.
  • An employee who is off work as a result of disability costs an employer about twice the worker's salary (in both direct and indirect expenses) during the period of disability.
  • Employers pay about 3 hours of sick time for every 100 hours of paid work time.
  • It is estimated that about half of all existing long-term disability cases are the result of employers' poor disability management practices.
  • HOMS specializes in saving its clients money through professional disability management.