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Alphabetical Listing of Disability Resources

Disability Links and Resources

ABILITY - See the Ability, Not the Disability

PA Career Link - A Great Place to Start

Pennsylvania Home Page

Worksupport Disability Management Resources

Rehab Management - The Interdisciplinary Journal of Rehabilitation

SBA - The Office of Women's Business Ownership

Digital Women - Women with Their Modems Running

Links to Disability Sites

Hardin MD Disability Links

Resources for People with Disabilities

The Disability Link Barn

Disability Information & Resources

Disability Ability E-Bility - Disability Information Resources

Hot Topics in Disability Management

Medical Terms Glossary


"The New Direction in Disability Management,"
by Jan Ziegler. Business & Health, Feb. 1999.

"Tactical Teamwork," by Kirk Strosahl.
Business & Health, Dec. 1998.

"Disability Management: How it Benefits Employers,"
by Cindy Ling. American City Business Journal,
Oct. 16, 1998.

"The Joy of Jobhunting," by Robin Bradford.